Intimate Hygiene Tips Every Girl Must Should Know


6/7/20233 min read

Intimate Hygiene Tips Every Girl Should Know

Female hygiene is so much more than simply washing your intimate areas when taking a shower. While your vagina has a self-cleaning system, it is important to take good care of it with the right hygiene practices for a healthy vagina.

Once you enter puberty, a lot of changes happen to your body like the monthly period and the vaginal discharge, and these already feel enough to cause discomfort. But with adequate intimate hygiene tips, these natural events can be well managed to keep you fresh and comfortable.

Just the way you’d pick a pretty outfit to look good, you must also pick a good habit of female hygiene to feel good. After all, there’s nothing to looking good if you don’t feel good!

How to take care of intimate hygiene?

Wash daily

Keeping your vagina clean is one of the most important female hygiene tips there is. Especially as you move through puberty, the changes in your body make it even more crucial. If working out or sports is your thing, washing your private area with warm water is the first thing to do. Following this key intimate hygiene tip is the first step.

Women hygiene products

As a rule - regular soaps and shower gels aren’t meant to be used on your vagina as these have a pH level (level of acidity) – meant to only be used on the surface of your skin. Always use female hygiene products with a well-balanced pH level to avoid skin infections. There is a wide range of intimate hygiene products in the market to choose from.

The inside of your vagina has its own self-cleaning mechanism hence remember to wash only the outside of our vagina, more precisely known as the vulva.

Wipe correctly

After using the loo, follow the thumb rule of wiping front to back. This helps avoid urinary tract infections by not letting the bacteria from your anal region move towards the vagina. Be sure to wash your hands each time before and after using the washroom, so that no germs are passed from the hands to the sensitive parts.

Intimate hygiene tips during a shower

When washing your intimate area, let the water run down from the top over your vagina, rather than letting it directly go inside. Post a shower, wipe yourself dry with a soft towel, and make sure to wash your towel every two to three days. Remember to never share your towel with anyone as female hygiene is personal.

Wear comfortable cotton clothing

There is nothing more comfortable than cotton clothing! Avoid using tight clothes, rather stick to breathable cotton innerwear, which allows any excess moisture from sweat or discharge to evaporate, instead of becoming a breeding ground for bacteria leading to an unpleasant odor.

Follow hygiene when using a public restroom

The need to use a restroom may arise anywhere, at any time. As public restrooms are used by several people in a day, the risk of getting infections is heightened. Therefore, you must always be cautious while using them. Keep small, portable disinfectants in your bag which are available in the market.

Stay hydrated

Being dehydrated can lead to bacterial imbalance. Make sure you drink plenty of water to boost your body when it comes to flushing out toxins “down there.”

Female hygiene during summer

During summer, your body perspires a lot more, increasing the chances of bacterial infections and rashes due to sweating. maintain intimate hygiene by keeping your private area clean and dry.

Women’s hygiene during menstruation

Every girl wants to feel clean and fresh, and most importantly odor-free during her period. Therefore, remember to change your sanitary pads every 6-8 hours. It is best to refrain from any scented products as these may cause inflammatory rashes.


There’s nothing more important than female hygiene for a healthy lifestyle. The availability of different intimate hygiene products in the market has made it easy to adopt these into your everyday routine.

However, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before using any of the products. Just bring in these intimate hygiene tips into your daily lifestyle for a clean and healthy vagina, and a carefree, confident you.