How to behave like a feminine woman?

Being feminine is not a fixed or rigid concept, but rather a personal and flexible expression of one’s identity, style, and attitude. There are many ways to behave like a feminine woman, depending on y....


11/23/20233 min read

Being feminine is not a fixed or rigid concept, but rather a personal and flexible expression of one’s identity, style, and attitude. There are many ways to behave like a feminine woman, depending on your preferences, goals, and context. However, some common aspects of femininity are:

Spend time with women.

What do you value in other women? What makes them "feminine" to you? Spending time with women and people you feel are feminine will help you access your own femininity. While everyone is different, most people define "feminine" by the following traits:

  • In-tune with emotions, both your own and others.

  • Caring and compassionate.

  • Sensitive.

  • Nurturing.

  • Soft, beautiful, sometimes delicate, etc

Be compassionate.

Just like you shouldn't expect other people to judge you on your femininity, you shouldn't judge others. Historically, femininity is rooted in ideas of compassion, wisdom, and nurturing.

This is why some people view acting feminine as weak or vulnerable, as typical feminine behavior isn't rooted in selfishness. Yet the ability to be flexible and caring is important for everyone and helps foster community and togetherness that can solve the hardest of problems.

  • Be respectful and polite, even when wronged. Taking the high road is not only dignified, it often diffuses problems before they occur.

  • Avoid unnecessary conflict whenever possible by distancing yourself from petty fights.

Think about other people, not just yourself.

Having emotional empathy is one of the keys to being more feminine that all people, men and women alike, can embrace. Empathy is when you try to put yourself in someone's shoes to see how they feel. This allows you to better manage conflicts, help friends in need, and make long-lasting friendships.

  • Ask yourself: "What is their side of the story?" before getting angry.

  • Think of problems in terms of other people, not just yourself.

  • Recognize that rarely is something one person's fault-- there are a lot of factors in their life that affect them, just like in yours.

Be receptive to the world around you, good and bad.

Many people still see traditionally feminine words like "submissive," or "receptive" as bad. But they are incredibly powerful ideas that can help you be more at peace with life, open yourself up to change, and accept love into your heart.

While masculine ideas often clash with this, preferring to be in-charge or commanding, the truth is that no one completely controls their life. Learning to accept the things you cannot change with grace and humility is crucial to accessing your feminine side, and it will make you happier as a result.

Recognizing that you cannot change everything does not mean "giving up." It means finding the things you can change and focusing on them.

Have confidence in your charm and ability.

No matter what your definition of femininity, you've got to own it. You have a unique, incredible personality that you should never be afraid to hide.

Being more feminine is not about learning to act a part or conform to a role. It is about being happy with who you are and accentuating the qualities you enjoy.

Remind yourself that no one has a monopoly on being feminine -- you get to decide what it means as much as anyone else.


Femininity is about being free to be yourself, love your body and life, and love others. Recognize that being more feminine has nothing to do with success or accomplishment.

Being feminine does not mean that you cannot be smart, powerful, or assertive. All people, male and female, exist somewhere between femininity and masculinity-- no one is all one or the other. That is a good thing, since both sides are important for a successful, well-balanced life.

Taking pride in your appearance does not mean you are unfit for a job or career.

Having "girly" preferences, such as liking the color pink, does not mean you cannot be taken seriously.