Helpful Tips for A Healthy Period

In order to avoid a painful or irregular period, there are so many simple tips that you can follow. After all, a normal period cycle is all you want!


5/11/20232 min read

Tips for A Healthy Period

A Happy Period is not as difficult as most of you would consider it to be. As healthy as it is to get a normal menstrual cycle with regular periods, it is just equally important to ensure a healthy period

In order to avoid a painful or irregular period, there are so many simple tips that you can follow. After all, a normal period cycle is all you want!

Menstruation is a time when women are at a high risk of infection. As the mucus that generally blocks your cervix opens during your period to allow blood to pass, it also opens the doors for the bad bacteria to travel into your uterus. Hence, taking the utmost care of your menstrual hygiene is super important.

Read on for a few tips for regular periods and a healthy menstrual cycle

Clothing Choices

It is best to avoid tight clothes or fabric that sticks to your body such as spandex. Soft cotton underwear and loose-fitting clothes will help you stay fresh and dry, keeping moisture at bay

Frequently change your period products

Never keep on your sanitary pad for longer than recommended. Do not wear it longer than 6-8 hours as it might increase your risk of rashes and infection

Adequate workout and movement

Stretches is known to have a good effect for regular periods, wherein it improves blood circulation. This is an effective remedy for irregular periods.

Exercising keeps your body's metabolic rate at an optimum level. So, go on and try gentle stretches or brisk walking to loosen your muscles and get your blood pumping

Enough sleep

Try and get adequate sleep because if your sleep cycle is disrupted, it can severely affect your menstrual cycle. Be sure to get the 7-8-hour sleep for a healthy period and a happy you

Healthy eating habits

Unhealthy eating habits lead to hormonal imbalance which in turn is linked to irregular periods. Obesity is a very common reason for a host of problems including skipped or irregular periods, and the primary cause of obesity is unhealthy eating.

Increase the intake of whole grains, fruits, and leafy vegetables, at the same time reduce the consumption of salt to avoid bloating and water retention

Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water as this helps in the bowel movement and keeps period cramps away. The more water you drink, the easier it is for your body to wash out the toxins

Leave stress aside

When you are stressed, your body produces a hormone called cortisol, which is single-handedly enough to disturb estrogen, the female reproductive hormone. As you know estrogen plays a vital role in a healthy period, you must try and calm down and take a deep breath, rather than getting worked up

Alter your lifestyle and make way for healthy habits in your daily routine for regular periods. A normal period cycle needs a wholesome diet and staying well hydrated, undisturbed sleep patterns, and regular workout.

Thus, conscious care is all you need to prevent irregular periods and ensure a healthy menstrual cycle.