7 Female-Dominant Sexual Positions to Try Tonight

Which can feel empowering and liberating for women. It can also help break down gender stereotypes and promote equality in the bedroom. Over....


1/5/20244 min read

There’s a reason why these positions have gained popularity in recent years. For one, they provide a different power dynamic than traditional positions, which can feel empowering and liberating for women.

Moreover, female-dominant positions can also be beneficial for men. By relinquishing control and allowing their partner to take charge, men can experience a different kind of pleasure and intimacy. It can also help break down gender stereotypes and promote equality in the bedroom. Overall, exploring female-dominant positions can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual experience for both partners.

1. Queening (Face sitting)

Face sitting is probably the most dominant position on the list. He is completely immobilized on their back and has to orally please you. You can raise and lower yourself on his mouth to increase the pressure and stimulation he has to give you. You can lower all your weight down onto his face if you really want to dominate him. Just make sure they can still breathe!

Tip: grabbing his hair or the back of their head and pulling their mouth into your vagina and clit. Additionally, you can grind yourself against their face in this position rather than holding still.

2. Amazon

This dominant sex position for women looks a little funky but is pretty easy to perform. To perform the Amazon sex position, he lies down on their back and brings his knees to his chest. The further to his chest that they can bring his knees, and the closer that they can keep his knees together, the easier it will be for you to get into this position.

Tip: You can place your hands on his knees to balance yourself and lean forward to make him feel even more submissive.

3. Cowgirl

A classic dominant female sex position. If you are dipping your toes in the world of dominating your partner, then start with Cowgirl. Get your partner to lie down on their back, get on top of them and start grinding. Or move up and down to feel them thrust into you.

Tip: leaning forward and pinning their hands down or even playfully and softly slapping them if they are into being punished during sex.

4. Standing Oral

Have your man kneel down in front of you to perform oral sex while you’re standing. You then guide your man's head with your hands and instruct him to lick, kiss, or suck on your genitals.

Girls who’ve never experienced standing oral sex are in for a treat. You’ll feel like your knees are about to buckle once you reach an orgasm, but the experience is well worth it. There’s something powerful about positioning yourself above another person

5. Reverse Missionary

This female dominant sex position can make you feel like a man as it reverses the roles entirely. Reverse missionary is nothing like the traditional missionary position you already know too well – it’s bold, offers new sensations, and might feel uncomfortable at first.

Let’s face it, men aren’t used to spreading their legs, so this might be a bit out of your partner’s comfort zone, and you’ll have to communicate during the act to make sure he’s okay. Still, feeling in charge like this can be pretty hot so give it a go.

6. Chair Sit

Have your partner sit up, either in bed, on a chair, or on the couch. Face him and straddle his lap. Lower yourself down onto his penis and move like you would in the cowgirl position by bouncing up and down, grinding, or swirling your hips in a figure-eight.

You still get to be in control, guiding the pace and depth, and it allows for great stimulation of the G-spot angle. You also get to feel their entire body pressed against yours.

7. The Thigh Master

The Thigh master sex position is a wonderful woman-on-top pose that starts with having the man lie down on his back with a soft pillow under his head. He bends his knees and plants his feet firmly on the bed, while he slightly opens his legs. And then his lover climbs on top of him, facing the same direction as he is facing, which is basically turning her back on him.

The woman rides her man by straddling his thighs, and she holds onto his knees for support. She bends her knees and she starts moving the dance of sex. She gets to ride him in a challenging way that allows her to take control of the pace.


Heir to the Throne

All you have to do is sit on a chair or bench, counter, overturned bucket in a closet, whatever floats your boat with your legs spread, and your man kneels down in front of you to perform oral sex while you’re sitting. man will do all the work. You then guide his head with your hands and instruct him to kiss, lick, or suck on your genitals.

This is the ultimate quickie sex position for oral on the go. Plus, it’s all about you so…win-win.


So there you have it – everything you need to know about female-dominant sexual positions. By trying out these positions and exploring new ways to experience pleasure with your partner, you can deepen your intimacy and improve your overall sexual relationship. Have fun!

It’s important to remember that communication is key when trying out new sexual positions and variations. Make sure to check in with your partner and ask for their feedback and preferences. This can help you both feel more comfortable and confident in exploring new territory together. Don’t be afraid to try new things and have an open mind – you never know what you might discover!

So men, now is your chance to shine and give her the award she deserves